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I. Denture Information

Dentures and partial dentures form of dental replacements for missing teeth. If you are missing a few teeth or all your teeth, you will most likely qualify for this helpful replacement that will add necessary function to your mouth. Modern day dentures look like natural teeth and now work more like natural teeth. Our dentures are strong and durable, so they cut through food powerfully and never become loose while you are eating. Our dentures allow you to smile without concern of your dentures looking unrealistic, and they may also help you to speak more clearly. The longer you wear your dentures, the easier daily mouth functions will become.

Dentures have a much more comfortable fit than those created a decade ago. The older dentures get, the looser they may fit due to the changes that take place in a patient’s dental structure. If you have older dentures, it may be time for you to look into receiving the more beneficial and modern dentures we offer. Technology has moved forward in the last five years, and new, more biocompatible materials are being used to create dentures that are vastly more comfortable. Our dentures also fit more securely, so you never need to worry about irritation from dentures that slide around while in use.

II. Medical Alarms

Medical alert devices offer 24/7 support for elderly people who are alone or at risk of needing emergency care. Having someone available at the push of a button will set your mind at easy. Devices can be life saving, don't risk your health get a medial alert device today.
When it comes to medical alert devices, there are a few options to choose from. Packages include a mobile device, neck pendant and a wrist button. If you elect to only use one device, make sure you carry it with you at all times. The cost of medical alert devices may vary depending on the service company you decide to choose. Most services will charge a one time set up fee and a small monthly service fee. For more information on pricing please contact us.

The main purpose of medical alert devices for the elderly is to communicate with healthcare providers, family members and emergency medical personnel when threatening emergency situation arise. They are indeed useful tools, especially for the elderly living alone. Almost all are easy to use, and the alerts or information are transmitted at one touch of a button. Monitored medical alert systems probably one of the most popular medical alerts for seniors. This is a device that allows the patient to be connected to an emergency monitoring service that operates round the clock. The SOS button for these devices comes in the form of bracelet or necklace pendant which are waterproof.

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