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There are multiple options for senior citizens who would like to make a change to their living situation and lifestyle. As people age many times adjustments and different perspectives must take place and senior apartments are a great decision for many. Living in an environment with people from the same generation, memories, and path in the journey of life can be very fulfilling. It creates a community of not only neighbors, but also family full of wisdom and experience. Senior apartments are for the older population and also sometimes the disabled. Family members of those who qualify are candidates to live in the apartments as well depending on the location. The option between independent living and assisted living is a decision that should be considered specific to each person’s needs. The cost and financial aspect of choosing from these types of apartments is something else to give thought to.

What Are They?

These apartments are communities for the older crowd who have specific desires and needs in life. The existence of these types of establishments is actually possible due to an exemption in housing discriminatory laws to help seniors. Different apartments may or may not allow children to live in the it with the senior resident. This should be confirmed before serious consideration of a location if warranted. Many times these communities are luxurious and reminiscent of resort type establishments. When enjoying retirement and the golden age years, many prefer to congregate and be surrounded by people in similar circumstances. This promotes a bond and enjoyment of unity. Many friends and associates are made in these apartments. Depending on specific needs, apartments can be independent living or assisted living.

Independent Living Apartments

Independent living apartments are very similar to the traditional counterpart open to the general pubic. These apartments normally requires residents to be 55 or older but the age requirements can vary. If not 55, then the age requirement is likely to be 62. The interior of the apartments are generally very friendly to seniors with special needs. Everything from special bathrooms, rails, wheelchair accessibility, to kitchen modifications and much more is available. Landscaping and maintenance of the apartments are given particular care to make the lifestyle more worry free. These apartments can vary from multi-unit structures to stand alone one family buildings. Many times there are amenities and classes to help promote peers getting to know each other and enjoy learning new things. Clubhouses, senior specific classes, holiday events and more is typically available. Seniors should have a focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness accommodations, gyms, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, and even golf may be present. Further things to assist with senior living such as prepared meals, housekeeping, and cosmetic services may be available. The main focus with independent living is that the senior is free to live on their own with out oversight or major assistance.

Assisted Living Apartments

There are assisted living style apartments for seniors that help assist with more of daily living. These complexes have 24-hr staff present to assist with everything from preparing meals, providing transportation, assist with bathing, going to the bathroom, to medical attention. These apartments may be structured for roommates and have general recreational areas and a general dining area. The less expensive assisted living apartments are more likely to have more people and a higher likelihood of roommates. More expensive assisted living apartments provide individual rooms and sometimes entire apartment units. Access to constant medical care and security is always available to residents of assisted living communities. These types of senior living accommodations should not be confused with nursing homes as nursing homes provide a much more intense level of assistance and structure for the senior and almost always in a large facility environment.

Finance Options

The financial situation of the senior is an important consideration to make. Not only do prices vary widely within the same type of senior apartment, but also between independent and assisted living communities. Generally independent senior apartments are cheaper than assisted because less services are provided. There are low cost senior apartments available. Independent apartments can average $2,500 a month while assisted can average $3,500. Independent apartments are almost always paid privately exclusively by the residents of the apartment. Assisted living apartments are typically paid privately as well, but there are sometimes options to pay with Medicaid or other insurance. In contrast, nursing home facilities almost always take Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.


Choosing the right apartment for the latter years in life is an important decision. There are many advantages to these communities in regards to conveniences, assistance, health, finances, social interaction, and enjoyment. With the proper research and visits, any senior can find the apartment right for them for their many years to come.