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What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances used to restore the look of previously damaged or completely missing teeth. Those who use these appliances find it easier to eat, speak and smile confidently than prior to losing teeth. Dentures are available to whoever needs them, regardless of the cause of personal tooth loss. An appointment to an individual’s dentist is necessary to mold the patient’s mouth and create the appliances. After the molding process, technicians are responsible for constructing the type that is most appropriate for the patient’s needs. Dentures come in three different types: Full, partial and one day sets.

Full Dentures are also referred to as a complete set. They are made for individuals who are completely missing all teeth or who require tooth removal and will be left with no teeth. After the patient’s mouth and gum heal properly, the appliances can be placed in the mouth and fit properly. However, the process of transitioning to full dentures takes two to three months depending on the healing of the mouth. Patients should be cautious about the length of time it takes to transition from having no teeth to having a full mouth of teeth. It is important to know that denture prices vary, depending on an individual’s insurance plan. Some insurance plans cover the cost of a complete set, however if not covered, a set typically ranges from $1,200-$2,800 per upper mouth and lower mouth appliance. It is estimated that approximately 20 million people in America have some kind of tooth replacement appliance, with only 3% of that population under the age of 34 years old. 

Partial dentures are for individuals who lack the need for an entire set of replacement teeth, but instead, need a few teeth or an individual tooth replaced. Partial sets are affixed to the gum of the mouth with an appropriately colored gum base. Partial sets are used when natural teeth are healthy and do not require a replacement. The partial denture is held in place through metal framework or a fixed bridge. A fixed bridge attaches the appliance that contains the artificial tooth or teeth to the remaining healthy teeth. Additionally, a partial set is beneficial in preventing the remaining healthy teeth from shifting in the mouth. Partial dentures come in permanent or temporary forms. The temporary form is removable from the mouth and affixes or clasps to the other teeth. 

One day dentures are usually referred to as immediate sets or same day sets. This specific type of set is used right after the tooth removal process takes place. The base of the immediate appliance acts as a band-aid to the gums and affixes to the mouth. Same day sets are for individuals who do not want to wait for their gums to heal after the teeth removal process. The main difference between an immediate set and a standard set is the increased cost. Same day sets cost significantly more and not everyone is eligible for them.