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Active Senior Communites Are Not Assisted Living Facilities

Today, when we speak of senior living, for some people there exists visions of an assisted living facility or nursing home. Never has this concept been less factual and true. 

In fact, many seniors who are over 55 don't have any physical impairment at all, live in active adult communities, or over 55 retirement communities, and have no need of assistance whatsoever.

Furthermore, never has there been a wider range of choices for seniors than there is today. Whether it's for a low income senior housing project, luxury senior apartments complex in a mid-town region or in state-of-the-art active adult communities in the suburbs, there's a preference and budget accommodation for those who search for it.

Low-Income Housing For Seniors

For those looking for low income senior housing, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers rental assistance for low-income seniors in four different ways: Privately-Owned Subsidized Housing, Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) and a HUD Resource Locator online tool to find HUD regional and field offices.

Luxury Senior Apartments

At the other end of the spectrum in senior apartments are senior apartments for seniors having no budgetary restraints. That being said, the growing trend today in many markets is luxury senior apartments. Furthermore, due in large part to millions of baby boomers who have plenty of money to spare, approximately $3 trillion in net worth, many baby-boomers can easily flex their financial muscles in creating a lucrative market for those who are willing to pay for what they want.

What You May Find At A Senior Living Apartment

Basically, there is no "cookie-cutter" mold for a senior living apartment. Residents can find the bare essentials in an apartment such as small galley kitchen, a small powder room-sized bathroom facility, one or two bedrooms, a small living room area and perhaps a balcony if the renters are fortunate.

As many times in life, the more you pay for, the more you get. Luxury units may have larger, full-sized, "smart" appliances and even a closed-circuit security system to the building's guard-house. 

Designer kitchens, bathrooms with multiple vanities, Jacuzzi and space-age entertainment features may be part of the rental package also. In essence, anything a tenant is willing to pay for in their senior years is available much as it is to any other tenant--senior or not.

Over 55 Retirement Communities And Their Benefits

In many retirement communities for those in the 55 and over age range, one can find several golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and even in some cases, horse ranges. However, these do not constitute the only benefits of living in such communities.

Depending on where one lives, residents can have a host of activities to help them keep their leisure years, well, leisurely. Art studios, hobby shops, garden plots, live theater,clubs and other social activities are readily available today.

Gated communities and security are other benefits for over 55 retirement communities. Other amenities may be nearby health-related facilities, quiet neighborhoods, social interaction with others who have similar interests and may provide easy access for those who prefer them.